• Openness, transparency, exceeding customers expectations,
  • Our mission is to help people from all over the world change the way they earn,
  • Our core values are dedicated to being trusted company, delivering the best possible services for our customers.

Founded in 2008, we are a telecoms service provider involved in several international projects, voice and data.

Our business focus is international revenue-sharing solutions, voice and data. We have an extensive international network of domestic and international Premium Rate solutions. Our portfolio also includes geographic and mobile number-based international revenue-sharing solutions.

We have successful implementations of Ingress International™ with Partner Carriers interconnected with the world’s major carriers. Our solutions offer good payouts and high levels of stability.

France 336400   –   EUR 0.07/min
test number: +33640002090

Bosnia 38764   –   EUR 0.11/min
test number: +387644118600

Bosnia 38765  –  EUR 0.11/min
test number: +38765045680

UK 4478933   -    EUR 0.04/min
test number: +447893313200

UK 4487018   -    EUR 0.05/min
45 days EOM
test number: +448701863650

UK 4487049   –    EUR 0.05/min
45 days EOM
test number: +448704944900

UK 4487134   –    EUR 0.05/min
45 days EOM
test number: +448713460120

UK 4487145   -    EUR 0.05/min
45 days EOM
test number: +448714531520