108, 2015

New ranges of France !!!


We are pleased to inform that we have deployed new ranges of France 33640. The new ranges are not content service limited and are OK with most of the content types used internationally. The solution shows excellent access worldwide.
Payout: € 0.042 per minute
Term: 70 days EOM
Test number: +33640019123
Try the solution today!

1707, 2015

Italy VoIP (non-geographic) range available !!!


We are glad to inform that we have acquired a new European revenue-sharing range. This time it is
ITALY VoIP – 39 5500
The new range is accessible practically from anywhere, but in order to make it a profitable solution, some basic principles should be observed:

1. The solution can only be used with our IVR system.

2. Maximum call […]

707, 2015

UK Mobile access growing!


We have noted growing access to our UK Mobile ranges. More traffic is coming from Turkey, Slovenia and Ireland:

tr turkcell

si tusmobil

ie o2

Good luck with your traffic!!!

Interpremium Net team

707, 2015

Eritrea 291727 available now!!!


ERITREA 291727
We have just opened a new direct route to Eritrea. Our solution, Eritrea 29127, is new in the market and we hope it will become a leader in aggregating traffic. The solution should have very good access from Africa and other parts of the world.
The payout is $ 0.07, payable 30 days EOM. The daily […]

207, 2015

New Grenada ranges available.


New Grenada ranges are available to boost up traffic to these solutions. The new ranges are with the following solutions:

Grenada 147340266 – with a payout of $ 0.035, 45 days EOM,

Grenada 147390166 – with a payout of $ 0.150, 45 days EOM.

Special deals with shorter payment terms are possible, but only upon verifying the traffic profile. […]

207, 2015

New !!! Croatia direct just deployed!

New Tier-1 solution!!!

After a long time, we are glad to announce that we finally managed to deploy our latest Balkans solution – Croatia 385518. The access to this solution is almost global.

Croatia 385518 is an entirely new solution on the market and, for this reason, the access is really great. The payout is € 0.02, initially 55 […]

207, 2015

Interpremium Online Access-checking tool working.

We are glad to inform that our online access-checking tool is fully operational. You can check access by PRN solution, by calling network prefix or calling network name/country. The access lists are updated daily.

Good luck with your traffic!

Please visit and try our access checking tool.

2606, 2015

UK available with “every 500” payment term

Hot news for July 2015!!!
UK 44758994XXXX and 44758997XXXX available with every 500 payment scheme. The payout is 5 ppm. Please order through the Webpage or by email to
Test numbers: +447589942350 and +447589972700.
Try and earn your income with the new solution.