We provide tailored domestic Premium-Rate (Audiotext, Televoting, Content and Non-Content Premium-Rate) and Shared Cost solutions. Our solutions portfolio includes 134 countries, including all European destinations, USA, most Asian countries and many African destinations. We work with premier services providers in these countries, which ensure service stability and payment security.
Our destinations include pay-per-minute, pay-per call and hybrid solutions, customizable to any need of our clients.
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These are international Audiotext, Premium-Rate and Regular-Rate revenue-sharing solutions with international access. The DID solutions offered here include geographic and non-geographic numbers from various countries, mobile network numbers from all continents as well as special solutions with international access.
The solutions are available through the networks of the world’s biggest international carriers.
Most of our solutions offer best payouts in the world. All of them are Tier 1 or direct interconnect-based.
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The global solutions we develop follow the needs of our clients who seek truly universal global solutions with a uniform international access number.
They include the following solution types administered by ITU:
+800 Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)
+808 Universal International Shared Cost Numbers (UISCN)
+878 Universal Personal Telecommunications Numbers (UPTN)
+979 Universal International Premium Rate Number (UIPRN)
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The Wholesale Voice (WHV) operations of our group of companies are the programmes that work in parallel to our incoming traffic revenue-sharing services. The platform to operate Wholesale Voice is now being upgraded to also include bulk SMS handling. Our offer includes several Premier Quality (PQV) and WHV routes.
Our interconnecting points directly interface our partner carrier networks for best quality of the highest SLAs.
Our direct route service includes CLI and NON-CLI destinations in several European countries. We are now starting operations in South East Asia. The network we operate consists of POPs in the USA, UK, Poland, Germany and Moldova. We have capabilities to interconnect using TDM technology (SS7) or VoIP (SIP). The SIP platform supports most codecs available on the market. The system we use also supports prepaid traffic programmes and B2C client requirements
Our system is set up to terminate incoming ILD traffic to be used with various value- added services. The services we offer to our clients are diversified as they are most often tailored to the clients’ requirements, for example:

  • Call centers and service centers
  • Professional info services
  • Social info services
  • Non-adult entertainment
  • Two-stage dialing services
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Televoting
  • Free Chat services

We provide compound IVR services with the audio contents provided by our clients or our proprietary cotent. We also own several services which our clients can use instantly, including instant web access and promotional services.

France 336400   –   EUR 0.07/min
test number: +33640002090

Bosnia 38764   –   EUR 0.11/min
test number: +387644118600

Bosnia 38765  –  EUR 0.11/min
test number: +38765045680

UK 4478933   -    EUR 0.04/min
test number: +447893313200

UK 4487018   -    EUR 0.05/min
45 days EOM
test number: +448701863650

UK 4487049   –    EUR 0.05/min
45 days EOM
test number: +448704944900

UK 4487134   –    EUR 0.05/min
45 days EOM
test number: +448713460120

UK 4487145   -    EUR 0.05/min
45 days EOM
test number: +448714531520